How we changed a limiting brand perception and opened up avenues for new brand extensions

Transferring the legacy of plastic furniture to making durable home furniture


Nilkamal is a pioneer of molded furniture in India and it’s not hyperbole to say almost everyone would have sat on a Nilkamal chair at some point in their lives. But as time passed and the business diversified into other non-plastic product categories, the association with plastic turned into a bane.



In our quest to reset the country’s perception of Nilkamal, we were sure of one thing: we will not sound apologetic or dismissive about the brand’s legacy. For our inspiration, we had to go beyond research decks and consumer studies to uncover what India really thinks of Nilkamal.


And there in the labyrinth of the internet we saw a video of someone using a Nilkamal chair as a clap box to create music. It got us thinking that the different materials used in Nilkamal furniture each had a signature sound. Thus came to life the “More than Plastic” campaign that celebrated the brand instead of challenging its heritage.


Over the years, we had heard many stories that came from retailers and end customers about how the brand was deeply entrenched in the country, both literally and figuratively. We wove this knowledge into a story about how Nilkamal is made for the Indian consumer.


Continuing our journey of demonstrating the brand’s pulse on the country, our next campaign was a homage to the changing dynamics in Indian families post-COVID.

The dynamics in old relationships started shifting with new understanding, making them stronger than before. We reflected this in heartwarming stories, showing the new Indian home that houses the new range of Nilkamal Furniture.