How we balanced the polarities of a minimal & contemporary Global brand and a vibrant and maximalist local market context

A culturally relevant campaign for a Global brand to strengthen Relevance in the Indian market


The onset of the global Fall-Winter fashion season coincides with the festive and wedding season in India. The challenge for International brands like ALDO is to make global trends relevant in the context of festival and wedding dressing.

ALDO’s Fall Winter 2023 campaign

was a seamless amalgamation of the brand’s international
DNA with the rich tapestry of Indian festivities.

We drew inspiration from the razzle-dazzle of Indian celebrations and blended seamlessly with the brand’s International DNA. The campaign affirms ALDO's place in the wardrobes of individuals who seek to impress and make a statement with their fashion choices.


The jubilation of Gold

The visual shorthand we used to cue celebrations in India, was Gold. We then translated this theme to represent three unique look categories that the brand wanted to promote by creating bespoke sets, each representing a vibe that compliments the Casual, Glam and Ethnic looks worn by the brand ambassadors.

The high energy and uber stylized campaign film was shown in theatres as well as social media garnering a whopping 5M organic views

An inflated world of gold reflects the Casual vibe of the products


A glimmery setting to serve as much GLAMOUR as the products 


Dazzled by the panache of a sizzling duo: Aditya Roy Kapur and Jahnvi Kapoor