Apr 12 2017 · News ·

Siyaram’s ‘New face of Linen’ in latest ad

12 Apr,2017

By A Correspondent

Siyaram’s has launched its ad campaign titled ‘The New Face of Linen’ which introduces a variety of designs, textures, weaves in linen fabrics highlighting checks, stripes, prints and colours. The new campaign has been created by MakaniCreatives and directed by KarthikRamnathkar.

Said Ramesh Poddar, Chairman & Managing Director, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd: “Nowadays, natural fabrics are the biggest fashion trends and linen has been a front runner in popularity in the international market. With the new multi-channel marketing campaign, Siyaram’s aims to inspire young people to explore, be creative and enjoy fashion every day.”

Commenting on the campaign, Sameer Makani, Director, Makani Creatives, said: “The series of four commercials showcase the designs, textures, weaves and colours in a spectacular fashion. This is the first time that Siyaram’s has released a category specific campaign.”

Added KarthikRamnathkar, Director, MakaniCreatives: “After actually experiencing the look and feel of the fabrics, we decided to treat the different films according to the character of clothes. The production design was kept clean to let the fabrics do the talking. I believe that the editor, Yusuf Khan, did complete justice to the fabric and gave the commercials a cool, modern and stylish look.”

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May 05 2016 · News ·


Today, Metro stands for footwear for every reason and every season. This is a leverageable communication peg. In short, one can find their ‘pair’ at Metro. While it is a fact, it needs to be layered with an emotion which can be associated with the brand. A brand must have an emotional connect to enjoy a long term patronage with its customers. Especially in a ‘spoilt for choice’ consumer market.

The challenge was to capture the essence of the fact and make an emotional connect. Therefore punning on the word ‘pair’, a completely fresh perspective was created. In conventional sense, the term pair implied finding a soulmate, however in today’s day and age, finding one’s pair could imply having a strong connect with someone. Best friends and confidant, father and son, siblings, etc. The thought is all encompassing therefore the communication peg,

The takeaway for the concept ‘Find Your Pair’, is a relatable, warm and fuzzy emotion which is what brand Metro stands for.

Find your pair is all about our eternal quest for finding our comfort zone and from a fashion perspective, it’s about finding that right pair.

Mothers Day May 01 2016 · News ·

Customizable Range

The launch of @home’s customizable range was planned for Mother’s Day. The insight behind this launch was that mothers, as we know, run and keep the house the way we love it. The customizable range consists of Modular Kitchens and Modular Wardrobes that act as the key to every household, and hence, the same philosophy reflects on mothers. So we dedicated this launch solely to the man of the house, the woman.

May 01 2016 · News ·

Mochi Spring Summer 2016

Awesomeness is omnipresent. It is in everything we do, everywhere we go. This route reflects this very thought. Mochi makes everything even more awesome. And with the summer sun shining bright one can take their Awesomeness to the next level. Elements that relate to the young, we have used props that connect not only to the brand but also the young gen that’s driven by funk.

Killer Apr 01 2016 · News ·

Killer Timewear

The new exquisite trendy collection by Killer Timewear was launched with a bang. It was featured on the cover page of international watch and clock magazine – Tradepost. Every piece of watch is like an apple among oranges. The incredible collection, crafted with precision and designed with impeccability, got what it deserved - jaw-dropping amazement.
Killer Apr 01 2016 · News ·


Every being is living in one and the same planet. But are we living in harmony? We have built homes in places that were once home to hundreds and thousands of creatures.

#TogetherAsOne is not any advertising campaign, it’s a way of life. The dream of an ideal world. The concept communicates the idea of harmony, a beautiful world where humans and animals can co-exist peacefully.


Oxemberg Dec 31 2015 · News ·

Oxemberg’s new move

Oxemberg, since inception, had always been a brand that associated itself with high-profile celebrities. But it was time we changed that. The target was to draw younger audiences, which is why we chose international models over a brand ambassador to keep the vibe young. The campaign ‘Make Your Move’ revolves around 4 friends who break away from the mundane and take life as it comes. They are risk takers and smart workers, a true reflection of the target audience. The campaign hit the stores by storm and made a place in the minds of the young.

Dec 20 2015 · News ·

Welcoming the new season in style

With the Autumn-Winter collection, we decided to take Easies to the next level. The ‘happy-go-lucky’ brand philosophy had already created buzz in the market. Hence, the new collection was put forth in a way to reemphasize the same lifestyle, but with a different visual strategy. The ‘unroutine’ feel was highlighted elegantly, making Easies a head-turner once again.

Siyaram's Dec 05 2015 · News ·


The road to success is not something that’s already built for you. You have to choose your path, roll up your sleeves, pull your socks up and pave the road with milestones.
The journey of fashion is not different. From fabric to readymade garment, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Every fabric has through go through a lot and come off with flying colours. The campaign communicates just that.
Dixct Scott Dec 01 2015 · News ·

Dixcy Scott UNO Casualwear Campaign

The idea was to portray Dixcy Scott Uno as a brand that understands fashion that our target audience believes in. The campaign spoke the language of style, confidently and touched the heart of the youngsters.

Home Fashion Sale Dec 01 2015 · News ·

The Great Home Fashion Sale

Every Indian house has a distinct flavour that defines its uniqueness. And this not only starts from different regions, but also from the neighbourhood. Basically, it’s all about giving your home a sense of style that reflects your personality. We thought that this was a great angle to grow and with the home décor mega brand by our side, it was possible. We took forward this insight and The Great Home Fashion Sale came to life.

Harman-Kardan Dec 01 2015 · News ·

Harman Kardon

In the frequency of sound engineering, only a few brands have struck the right chord, and Harman Kardon being one of them. For the pure sound and the style it carries, the communication should also match the decibel of Harman Kardon’s perfection. The right mix of sophistication and excellence is what makes this brand stand-out. It’s only heard by the ones who understand the true sense of refinement that also reflects in the symphony of their lifestyle. End of the day, you don’t have to be loud to be heard. You just got to stand out. And that is Harman Kardon.

Oct 15 2015 · News ·


The Mochi Spring Summer 2016 campaign showcases the awesomeness of smileys and emoticons. Like our shoes, we use them in our everyday life and complete our conversation with a joyous feeling. The Mochi campaign is all about having fun and with emoticons, it takes it to the next level.

Copperstone News Oct 15 2015 · News ·

High energy clothing goes all out

Copperstone, a brand known to create high energy clothing for men just decided to ‘Go All Out’. Every individual has their own persona and have their own sense of style in whatever they do. But, when it comes to travelling, these individuals come together as one, we could call them the wolf pack or a tribe that just pack their bags and head out for a journey. A journey that lets them disconnect from the world and connect with themselves. And to go with them through their adventures, Copperstone introduced their Autumn-Winter Collection. The A/W campaign breaks the monotony of everyday dressing and lets one look like they’re up for an adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Break the pattern and ‘Go All Out’.

Oct 01 2015 · News ·

Take it easy with Easies

No show-off. No attitude. No drama. Easies is a brand that’s simply created to put you at ease. Its vibrant and colourful apparels bring on the weekend mood, every day. In the summer 2015 season, Easies’ humble yet stylish brand philosophy was captured tastefully. The lively collection was brought alive with radiant faces and relaxed moods. The campaign highlighted the comfort level of the apparels in each visual, which made Easies stand out in every way.


Sep 30 2015 · News ·

Makani Creatives to handle creative duties of Onida’s Smart LED TVs

The account was won following a multi-agency pitch.

Makani Creatives has won the creative mandate for Onida’s Smart LED TVs. The agency’s scope of work includes press ads, web banners, catalogues, in-store branding and radio spots, among others.

Onida is making its foray into Smart LED range of TVs. These television sets are loaded with new-age features and QWERTY key remote controls. The TV is technologically advanced to induct the first-time buyer of a smart TV into its brand-fold. This is in line with the company’s philosophy to deliver value-added products at affordable prices. Onida Smart LED TV attempts to garner patronage from the tech and net-savvy Indian youth who is either the influencer or the direct customer for all household purchases today.

NS Satish, vice president, sales and marketing, Mirc Electronics, says, “We have always leveraged consumer insights by incorporating them as a technological feature into our products. This has been the mainstay of our success over the years. Our range of Smart LED TVs is in line with the same thought process. We have loaded the television with lots of new-age features like Android operating system, built in WiFi, quad core processor, screen mirroring and video calling, to name a few. One can also download millions of apps. Our key focus now is to aggressively market the product and, in order to meet this objective, we are thrilled to partner with Makani Creatives as our brand agency. Makani Creatives shares our vision and developed a communication plan to do justice to the product. We are confident of creating yet another milestone.”

Commenting on the win, Sameer Makani, MD, Makani Creatives, says, “We have all grown up watching Onida and it is an iconic brand. When the opportunity to partner with them arose, we were very excited. The challenge was to strike a delicate balance between strong strategy and evocative creative to achieve the desired results. I think we managed to impress them with our thought process as well as the execution which tipped the scales in our favour. Needless to add, Makani is known for its work in the lifestyle category. The first set of work for Onida Smart LED TV will be out shortly, and I am sure that this will be one of the first steps towards a mutually successful journey.”

Onida is a leading Indian electronics brand (owned by Mirc Electronics) that manufactures televisions, air-conditioners, washing machines and mobile phones.

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Jun 03 2015 · News ·

Image is the six pack abs of the eyewear industry

Salman Khan is the new face of Image Eyewear. This is for the first time that the superstar is endorsing an eyewear brand. Founded by Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd. in 1997, Image Eyewear has established itself as one of the key players in the industry. It is known for its innovation and dedication to provide quality products at a fair price. The secret behind the awe-inspiring success of Image Eyewear lies in its understanding of the modern world. Every single one of us carry an image of our own, an image that is defined by our style and style that is influenced by fashion. At the end of the day, you are what your style is. Image Eyewear separates itself from its contemporaries by crafting each and every product beautifully. With impeccable finish, sleek design and state-of-the-art quality, they are made to reflect your style and portray your image as who you are. And who else better than Salman Khan, the one and only superstar of Bollywood, can become a face of this philosophy?

Apr 21 2015 · News ·

Dixcy Scott and Salman Khan set new standards for the ultimate winners.

In the new awe-inspiring Dixcy Scott commercial, we can see Salman Khan in a new avatar. The film opens with the superstar entering a training arena. He sees a few youngsters training hard. He pushes the boundaries of perfection for them to achieve. He helps a weightlifter to go for a heavier barbell. He shows a boxer how to punch harder. He raises the bar for a kick boxer to reach newer heights.

By depicting Salman Khan as a mentor, Dixcy Scott has beautifully replaced the age old word ‘winner’ with the new age term ‘The Ultimate Winner’. It’s not enough to be just a winner anymore, you have to set a stage to create more winners.

Today, Dixcy Scott is not only a mass brand, but it is also a stylish, trendy personal wear brand. With its innovative product range, Dixcy Scott is going places and setting new standards in the industry. Furthermore, the perfect marketing strategy coupled with the right communication plan, Dixcy Scott today stands true to its philosophy, The Ultimate Winner.

Nov 19 2014 · News ·

JBL appoints Makani Creatives as its Creative AoR

The agency will roll out campaigns in sync with the brand thought process – ‘Just Be Loud’.

JBL, an American audio electronics company currently owned by Harman International, has appointed Makani Creatives as its creative agency. The development comes close to the company’ decision of deployment of major funds to step up marketing activities and ramp up technology.

JBL has recently launched an ad campaign with Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra in order to target the youth and engage the users by launching a music video with them. Kookie Gulati from SOBO films created the music video and coined it as ‘Just Be Loud’, further to which came Makani Creatives to take on its 360 degree campaign.

Makani Creatives will roll out campaigns in sync with the brand thought process – Just Be Loud.

Sahil Sani, director, JBL, says, “JBL has been a key force in developing independent divisions for audio equipment for consumer home market and professional equipment for studio, installed sounds, tour sound, portable sound (production and DJ) and cinema markets. Over the last few years, we have managed to make our presence felt in most sound and audio sectors.”

“Our key focus now, is to increase the reach and awareness, and build on our strength as a preferred choice for end-consumers. In order to meet this objective, we are thrilled to partner with Makani Creatives as our brand agency. With them on board, we are now gearing up for the new brand identity – ‘Just Be Loud’ and innovative marketing campaigns in the near future. We chose Makani Creatives for their clear understanding of our brand, proven record for delivering some of the most successful ad campaigns and focus on delivering business results”, Sani adds.

Sameer Makani, MD, Makani Creatives, comments, ”JBL is a young and dynamic brand which has revolutionized the audio category, that being of head phones, headsets and bluetooth speakers. We were very charged by this proposition and that lead to a fine campaign we presented to JBL. In fact, they were quite impressed and that’s how we bagged their luxury division, Harman Kardon as well. The first set of work for JBL will be out shortly and I am sure that this will be one of the first steps of a successful journey together, we intend to take with this brand.”

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May 28 2014 · News ·

Makani Creatives bags creative duties of Killer Jeans

The agency will also handle the sister brands of Killer Jeans, including eyewear, innerwear and footwear.

Kewal Kiran Clothing has appointed Makani Creatives to handle the creative duties of Killer Jeans and its other brand categories including eyewear, innerwear and footwear.

Makani Creatives, an integrated and independent communications company, specialises in advertising, media buying, design and digital. It works across lifestyle categories of home, real estate, inner wear, watches, eyewear and shoes.

Sameer Makani, co-founder and MD, Makani Creatives, says, “We are very excited to partner such an iconic brand. The brand has indeed done some great work in the past and we look forward to carrying the legacy into the future with a fresh perspective.”

He adds that the campaign for the brands will be rolled out not just in India but across Asia, Africa and West Asia. “This was borne in mind while working on the thought process for the flagship brand as it had to have a global appeal.”

According to Hemant Jain of Kewal Kiran Clothing, they loved the thought process of the agency and its approach towards creating a strong brand positioning. “What really impressed us was their understanding of the business, pragmatic thinking and wide body creative approach. Amongst all the agencies that presented, Makani won the pitch clearly on merit and their thought of brand way forward. We look forward to an exciting and fruitful partnership with them.”

For the record, founded in 1989, Kewal Kiran Clothing is one of the leading jeans wear brands. It has expanded its product line into accessories and innerwear.

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Dec 18 2013 · News ·

Metro Shoes turns on the spunk

Through its latest campaign, the shoe brand addresses today’s fearless and confident 20-something consumer. A look at the marketing strategy.

Metro Shoes has undergone a revamp, one that reflects in its product line, ad campaign, positioning stance, and overall look and feel. Previously positioned as a ‘family footwear destination’, the brand is now being promoted as a ‘fashion footwear destination’. The new catchphrase goes ‘Shoes for a New Race’. It is being popularised through a multi-media campaign comprising print, outdoor and digital platforms. The marketing budget allotted to this revamp is Rs 20 crore, of which a large part has been dedicated to this particular campaign.

afaqs! learns that this is a conscious effort to lower the age of the brand’s patrons. Calibrated research by the brand revealed that its most loyal consumers belong to the 30+ age group. While these loyalists are happy with the brand’s products and services, there is a clear gap in the satisfaction levels of its consumers in the 20-30 years bracket. The research showed that the brand was perceived as lacking on several parameters such as the extent to which it experimented with colours, heels and styles. The revamp campaign is an effort to address these gaps.

Lavina Rodrigues, marketing manager, Metro Shoes, explains the need to include 20-something consumers into the brand’s fold. “We are one of the oldest retail outlets in India. We face this issue of being ‘a 60 year old brand’. The parents, maybe even grandparents, of today’s generation might have been to Metro. Among the youth, there’s a sense of ‘My father has been to Metro; it’s his store’. We want to be more relevant to the current generation,” she explains.

Going on about the psychographics that characterise today’s 20-something consumer, she adds that he/she is probably just finishing education, starting to earn, with more disposable income than responsibilities, and is independent enough to make his/her own decisions. “We want to target this group and want a major chunk of our business to come from this group,” Rodrigues says.

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